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What happened to Life With OZO? Why did you change your name to Dr. Dri's?

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery... we were feeling very flattered! We had an "OZO" copy-cat on our hands.

The FDA highlighted Mexico’s “OZO Hand Sanitizer” and “OZO Hand Sanitizer, Luxury Formula” manufactured by “Estrategia Hospitalaria SA DE CV” and “Ismar Soluciones Dinámicas S de RL de CV” on their widely distributed “Do Not Use” list due to their unsafe use of methanol and their inadequate sanitizing power. We’re unsure if they were a supplier, manufacturer, or what their actual product is, but one thing is for certain — they’re not the real deal!

Rest assured, we have absolutely no connection or ties to those manufacturers in Mexico. We are proud that our products use all natural ingredients, and are Health Canada approved for both safety AND efficacy — our mission is to keep people safe while they’re out doing life! 💪

So we took this opportunity to help our brand evolve into the next chapter of her life, and we are happy to say we're IN LOVE with our new name!

Where do you ship to?

What grade of Alcohol do you use?

I thought it had to be 70% to be effective?

Is your product Health Canada approved?

Is Your Product FDA approved?

Are your sanitizers safe?

When are your next products coming out?

Why are you producing hand sanitizer?

Can I leave my Hand Sanitizer in my car?

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