Life with ozo is now Dr Dri's
Life with OZO is now Dr. Dri's
Dr. Dri's Cleans with ease
Dr. Dri's Cleans with ease

Less Ingredients. More Clean.


Ethyl Alcohol


Purified Water


Aloe Moisturizer


Essential Oils

Aloe & Peppermint Hand Sanitizer

Moisturizing, All Natural Ingredients and our top seller. Meet our Aloe + Peppermint Sani!

Aloe & Peppermint
Takeaway Hand Sani

Aloe & Peppermint
Tabletop Hand Sani

Aloe & Peppermint
Refill Hand Sani

Made In Canada + Women Owned Business
Easy Refills + Sustainable Glass Packaging
Health Canada Approved + FDA Registered

Two Sisters: a doctor and a designer

Dr. Dri’s was founded in 2018 by sisters Elli Hanson and Dr. Adrianna Hanson ND, to create natural, effective, sanitizing products that help you get out and do life.

Sisters Hanson, Dr. Dri's Business Owners